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This organization is a capable community based commercial/Industrial Film Making & Video Taping and Web Page Design and Development

     Thank you for your interest in the The Job Man Caravan.  Mr. Watson is a hardworking individual who has a sincere understanding and appreciation for the communications industry. His team is comprised of hardworking professionals who take pride in their finished product.  We offer the highest quality internet/website digital TV production and editing available.  Also, you will receive your finish production within a timely turn around response time.

     Creating custom websites, for advertisements and multimedia is a creative art form and can be time consuming..  Remember, your website presentation, promotes your product and services. Itís one of the main tools in creating a successful business.

     The Job Man Caravan designs and builds websites that include advertisements and marketing that culminate into a high quality presentation of what you represent, your services and/or products website. We not only build websites and multimedia projects, we build great customer relations.

     Our internet and website technology includes still photos, photo montage, video, musical entertainment, with special effects, custom music voice over and so much more.  The Job Man Caravan is equipped with the necessary means to complete the task to your satisfaction, pre production production and post productions.

Rates available upon request

     We would like to offer you and your organization good reason to consider us, for all of you digital and electronic media needs.  Please review some of our web page designs:
The Web sites you visit work with us to provide you with additional services that is as relevant and useful as possible. Some of the sites we provide you are customized based on what might interest  you visits over time and across different Web sites. This sites are in compliance with our ideals and not intended to just Advertise. The goal of web sites Choices is to provide you with information about how online advertising works and the choices you have.

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Itís here. Itís Live. Itís all Jazz  Welcome to Live Jazz on the Tube.com. The first music service of itís kind With the click of your mouse you have access to our extensive music library of Live Jazz performances. Swing Be Bop - Hard Bop straight ahead inside - outside. Itís all here at itís finger popping best.


Creating custom websites for advertisements and multimedia is a creative art form and can be time consuming. Remember, your website presentation promotes your product and services. Itís one of the main tools in creating a successful business.  Studio2videoproductions designs and builds websites that include advertisements and marketing in a high quality presentation of what you represent, your service / product your website. We not only build websites and multimedia projects, we build great customer relations. Our internet and website technology includes still photos, photomontage, video, musical entertainment, special effects, custom voice over and so much more.


If we could go back through time, to the 1920s, segregation forced Blacks in Tulsa, Oklahoma to use the services of Black doctors, lawyers and merchants, because of necessity.
Blacks created a separate thriving community steeped in nation building. They did this by reciprocating with each other, thus creating a thriving community, which became known as "Black Wall Street." Unfortunately, Black Wall Street was eventually destroyed by envious white mobs, at the height of its success. However, it remains as a shining modern day example of what could happen if we pool our resources by supporting each other.


1979 Studio 2 Productions produced The (studio 2 Revue) a Broadway come alive TV production featuring  preteens (the Tee-Nee boppers)  free tutoring weekly talent shows, this was way before Cable TV there was no Internet and there was only 3 (three) Black syndicated TV shows, Soul Train (producer Don cornelius)
, Tony Brownís Journal (producer Tony Brown) and the righteous appleís (producer Topper carew)
A 35 year TV and talent show reunion is being planned all participants and studio II revue
members that had a good time back in the day, check in...


Studio II Productions, Inc. Is a community based production company proposing to qualitatively capture and produce activities/events for your organization .Studio II Productions Inc. Is grounded under the choreography and leadership of Mr. Carvel Watson an expert Historian. Producer/Director, and Documentarian. Mr. Watson having over 25 years of film making business experience, personally reviews your prospects or direction and carefully walks you through a discussion of the various but necessary means of achieving your goal to completeness and satisfaction...


Carvel Watson is an expert Historian, Producer/Director, specializing in documentaries, and the founder and astute choreographer of Studio II Productions Inc. This non-profit 501c3 organization is a community based production company Mr. Watson has over 25 years of film making business. Under his leadership the Studio II Productions Inc. organization has produced 12 video documentaries entitled: the Richard Allen Story, The Mother Africa Story Part 1 and 2 also How African/American Soldiers Won The Civil War, that freed their brethren held in chained captivity and preserved the Union...


As Automobile owners, our vehicles are one of our most
Important possessions in regards to getting us from point
A, to point B.  Our vehicles take us and our families to and
From our various destinations, work, home, school, etc, our
Cars are an invaluable contribution to our very busy

     YourCashYourCar.com is an Information website for
Automobile owners. This website is a continuous reference
Site for you. It will inform you on everything about cars, from
Preventive maintenance to the legality of Red Light


Frank Washington's Ice The Original by The Original Producer Studio II Revue In 1983Öin a recording studio in PhiladelphiaÖA small group of world renowned Philly-based musicians, assembled by Executive Producer Carvel Watson, gathered together and created a dance floor classic that has since swept not only the nation, but the far reaches of the WORLD! It is ICE! Ice is the timeless story of a mysterious dance floor DIVA - a worldly, experienced WOMAN, and the effects she had on a NAŌVE, unsophisticated MAN - it is a story of SEDUCTION, PASSION, and HEARTBREAK! Ice is as cool as it is hot.
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This Cable Television production will be produced and broadcasted in a  documentary format.

Broadcasts weekly every Tuesday,  7:30 to 8:30 P.M

The Job Man Caravan will be Broadcasted in Philadelphia Pa. only on Comcast Cable.. 66 & 966 also Broadcasted on Verizon cable.. 29 & 30 same dates & times. or on our website  TheJobManCaravan.com 24 / 7 on demand.

The chosen participants will be broadcasted on cable Television free.